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This page is dedicated to everyone in the world whose last name is "Keene", or a spelling derivation thereof. Invitation to this page is also extended to Keene relatives, both close and distant. For five generations our family spelled our name "Keene", before that it was spelled "Keen". I may be related to folks with either of these spellings. While surfing the web, I find it interesting how many Keene's are listed in directories and how many Keene's are looking for their ancestry. I invite all Keenes (Keens, Keans, Kuehns, etc.) to find a place in the guestbook (surf to the Main Page) to make comments. If you look there now you will find entries from all over. If you are a non-Keene, feel free to sign in also :-). Please navigate using the drop down menu below. For first time visitors, click on the first choice "Keene Main Page". This is a must. Thank you for visiting. ... Jack Keene

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