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When you read "Keene" on this page, be assured participation is encouraged by anyone interested in any derivation of the Keene name (e.g. Keen, Kuehn, etc.). As in the Intro Page, this certainly includes relatives both close and distant. I have decided to embark on a journey to find my Keene ancestry. I will consider myself successful if I can trace those roots back to Ireland. I am fairly confident that we are of Scots-Irish ancestry… meaning my family came from Scotland to Ireland and then to America. The only other derivation with any commonality seems to be the descension from "Kuhn", making a German ancestry. I come from three generations of John Keene’s before me. As of 6/2005 I can trace my roots back to Henry and Sophia Keen, who are my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents. The family all seemed to live in close proximity to Southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Click Here for my Lancaster County data base. Click here for a Berks County data base. To view my family tree from the approximately 1760 to present, Please Click Here.

NEW!!!Click here for old photos and scrapbook items from my family.

Please use the guestbook either as a message board to trace your ancestry or to tell a story about a member of the Keene family. I have read many message boards on Keene’s (and spelling derivations thereof), and find some of the history and stories fascinating. There is nothing wrong with using this page in remembrance of a relative. We are all loyal Keenes who tread here, we are all family.

If you wish to use this page as a tool for tracing your ancestry:

  • Make sure you read the Keene Guestbook and Guestbook Archives to perhaps pick up a lead.
  • Sign the guestbook yourself so others can email you pertinent information to your efforts. In case you are wondering, when you go into signing the guestbook, you will see a verification text box. Fill in the letters and/or numbers that you see next to the box, into this box. This is a spam busting tool so advertisers do not put their ads into the guestbook (those tricky devils). I had to add this tool because over 20 people a day signed into the guestbook with links to sell prescription drugs. UGH!!!
  • Use the "Keene Links" button below as a tool for your research.
  • Click on link toward bottom of this page that says "Click here to view a homepage for Keenes" and then click on "Genealogy Links" from that page. Out of those results, USGenWeb is a particularly nice tool with extra FREE information.

    Thanks to all who support this non commercial, fun, enjoyable, informational, and hopefully resourceful page of Keenes. This page had a prior history but has been revamped and reborn. Please jump in with your contributions and make it a successful resource and a successful memorial to our great families. Thank you! … Jack Keene

    We have some real nice entries in the guestbook. It's the family members out there like you that make this page. If you have stories to tell, please feel free to make more than one entry if you wish. In fact, make as many entries as you wish! Your stories are fascinating! :-)


    THIS PAGE IS STILL GROWING!!! MORE TO COME! Please bookmark this page and check back from time to time. My mission is to blend the history of real people with a flavor of the old country for Keene's, namely Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales. My hope is to bring you the atmosphere of our past, our roots. Thank you for visiting.



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    Click here to view a homepage for Keenes. You may set this page as your homepage!!! It features links to multiple search engines, a direct link to news and sports, and a link to searching phone numbers, street addresses, and email addresses. This page will be expanding, so set it as your homepage now and watch it grow. If you would like this page in another version of the "Keene" spelling, email me and let me know.

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